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Portal 2 Buy Order Download Wallpapers Pictures Pix Gameplay Trailer Info

PPortal 2 Wallpaper Chell Main character

Portal 2 Chell Real Model Wallpaper Picture Pic Pix
Portal 2 Chell model

 Portal 2 Development.
Portal 2 was developed by Valve Corporation Korporation. Portal 2 is first-person puzzle-platform video game, was released on April 18, 2011 for PC, Xbox 360, Mac OS X and PlayStation 3.

Portal 2, like Portal 1 consist of a a series of puzzles which are solved by using the "portal gun", which allows
player's character to teleport themselve and simple objects, by creating portals between dimensions.


Portal 2 Chell Wallpaper Picture Pic Pix
Portal 2 Chell Wallpaper

Portal 2 Chell Wallpaper Picture Pic Pix
Portal 2 Chell Wallpaper
Single players main hero is Chell

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Info, trailer. gameplay, wallpapers.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a third-person shooter video game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, co-developed by Slant Six Games and Capcom. It was released on March 20, 2012 in North America, and scheduled for release on March 22, 2012 in Australia, March 23, 2012 in Europe and April 26, 2012 in Japan. It is part of the Resident Evil series, being set around the same time as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis titles, though it is a non-canon hypothetical scenario.
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USS Delta team enters the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory, where they meet up with Alpha team leader HUNK. Their mission is to assist Alpha team in stopping Dr. Birkin from handing over his T-Virus research to the U.S. military and retrieve the G-Virus. On their way to Birkin's lab, they find Birkin has paid numerous UBCS mercenaries to work for him while the deal goes forward. When they reach Birkin's lab, the doctor is shot, and HUNK and another Alpha leave with the samples. They soon find that Birkin survived the attack and infected himself with the virus. The Birkin creature proceeds to kill off most of Alpha team before disappearing; HUNK offers to go back in search of the sample.

Not long after the battle, it becomes evident that the T-Virus has leaked city-wide, and people are beginning to transform into flesh-hungry zombies. In what they see as a punishment by USS Command, Delta team is ordered to remove evidence of Umbrella's role in the outbreak. Heading into Raccoon City Hall, Delta team meets with a UBCS mercenary and they monitor Nicholai Ginovaef; he is soon revealed as a traitor and attempts to kill Delta team.

Later, the team is sent out around Raccoon Park to find the Nemesis-T Type, which has gone rogue. A second parasite is injected into its body in order to bring it back under control. Shortly after this mission is completed, the team is then sent out to the Raccoon City Police Department, ordered to kill any surviving police officers and destroy evidence linking the company to the outbreak. When this is done, the team exits the station, and soon after encounter Leon S. Kennedy, whom they begin to hunt down along with Sherry Birkin. After they find and corner Leon, Claire Redfield and Sherry, the game can end in two ways: in one ending, the team resigns from Umbrella over their abandonment during the mission and betrays them by letting the three live; in the other, Leon and Claire are executed and Sherry is sent to an Umbrella facility.

There are twelve playable characters in the game, with six characters for each side. On the Umbrella Security Service team there is: Vector, the team's recon expert and is equipped with a cloaking ability; Beltway, who is proficient in the use of explosives; Bertha, the medic; Spectre, the marksman; Four Eyes, the scientist, with the ability to program the bio-organic weapons (BOWs); and Lupo, who is the team leader. On the United States Special Ops team there is: Willow is the recon expert; Dee-Ay is the team leader; Tweed is the demolitions expert; Harley is the medic; Shona is the field scientist; and Party Girl is the sniper.

Alongside the single player mode, the game also offers four-player co-operative Raccoon Mode, which pits the USS against the U.S. Special Operations Teams.

The zombies in the game are able to attack the player in a multitude of ways. A zombie that gets too close to the player will usually attempt to grapple the player, prompting the player to rapidly shake his/her analogue stick to avoid getting bitten. Players who are unsuccessful in doing this will be infected for a limited amount of time. Whilst they are infected they gain small bonuses at the expense of a slowly depleting health bar. If a player is successfully bitten and later runs out of time after becoming infected, the player will lose control of their character and begin attacking their former teammates until killed, allowing the player to respawn. There will be additional enemy types in the game besides zombies, such as Lickers, Hunters, and Cerberuses. Furthermore, the player will be able to control them under certain circumstances.

Heroes Mode is an online multiplayer feature allowing to play characters such as Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, plus Ada Wong, HUNK, Nicholai Ginovaef and a new character, called Lone Wolf. Xbox 360-exclusive Nemesis Mode allows one player to control Nemesis and use him to kill the other team.

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FIFA Street 2012. Info, trailer, gameplay, prices.

FIFA Street (also known as FIFA Street 2012) is a sports video  game by EA Sports' FIFA Street franchise based on street football. It is the first such game in almost four years, and a reboot for the series. FIFA Street is developed by some of the same team behind FIFA 12, including creative director Gary Paterson, and will use the FIFA 12 game engine. Sid Misra, the line producer for FIFA Street, promised "the first true quality street football experience."

The game was first announced on 16 August 2011 at the Gamescom event in Germany, and was   released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles in March 2012. Along with several other new EA Sports titles, FIFA Street was available early to purchasers of the EA Sports Season Ticket. Lionel Messi features on the cover after EA announced, in November 2011, that he had signed a deal to become the new face of the FIFA franchise. The "Adidas All-Star Team" including 13 of the greatest footballers in the world and the Lionel Messi Barcelona-themed venue were available as pre-order bonus. A FIFA Street demo was launched on 28 February 2012 on Xbox Live and a day later on PSN
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In an effort to make the game more "authentic", the stylised cartoon-like visuals of previous games in the series has been dropped in favour of a more realistic look, though there will still be the same emphasis on skill moves and tricks. The focus is once again on fast-paced games involving small teams of five or six players per side, one-on-one, and game modes based on panna and futsal also included. As with the previous games in the series, skill moves are an important element of gameplay. FIFA Street features twice as many tricks as are possible in FIFA 12, with much greater variety, and over 50 more than its predecessor FIFA Street 3. Other new features include improved one-touch passing, a feature called Street Ball Control, and a new "ATTACK" dribbling system.

The game features a large number of real-life players from 2000 teams of many of the world's biggest leagues, and 2012 locations from around the world ranging from Amsterdam streets to the beach in Rio de Janeiro. Each of these arenas attempt to reflect the style of football played in that country. The game is the first game in the series to feature both national and club teams.

The game features a World Tour mode, which lets the player create their own player and travel around the world to scout and compete with other teams. With the integration of EA Sports Football Club, players can add friends' players onto their World Tour team.

The game is compatible with the EA Sports Football Club service introduced with FIFA 12, which has been compared to a social network that tracks what players do in the game and awards XP. This is linked to both friend-based and worldwide leaderboards, and include a levelling system. EA Sports Football Club connect play across multiple titles, starting with FIFA 12 and FIFA Street. By playing both games XP earned in one will be carried over to the other.

A new feature called the Street Network is designed to encourage social competition among players. Requiring an internet connection, Origin account and online pass activation, Street Network let players "capture video of their best tricks and share them in-game with friends, showing off their personal favourites and embarrassing their opponents. In addition, friends will be able to track and compare each other's progress throughout the game."

The online modes have been criticized by players for the inability to use licensed teams whilst playing online. EA later confirmed this and has stated: "We decided not to have licensed clubs online because we wanted to create an online experience different from FIFA, and we wanted to remove the frustration of having the online experience reduced to matches only featuring super power clubs, which is common in FIFA... Playing with and against user created teams and players – including clubs your friends make – tailored to each gamer’s unique preferences, creates a richer online experience and more variety in gameplay. All of the teams are unique and you are not playing the same licensed clubs, playing the same style, over and over again."

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Street fighter x tekken. Info, trailer, gameplay, wallpapers

Street Fighter X Tekken (Japanese: ストリートファイター X 鉄拳 Hepburn: Sutorīto Faitā Kurosu Tekken?) (pronounced Street Fighter Cross Tekken) is a crossover fighting game developed by Capcom. The game was announced at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International by Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono. The game was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 6, 2012 in North America and March 9, 2012 in Europe. The game features characters from both the Street Fighter franchise and Namco's Tekken series. As the game is being made by Capcom, with Namco being involved more in the licensing of the Tekken cast, the gameplay will be based on the 2D gameplay of Street Fighter as opposed to the Tekken series, and will feature projectile moves such as the Hadouken. Namco is currently producing their own take on the crossover, Tekken X Street Fighter, which will follow their 3D style of gameplay.[6] The PC version will be released on May 11, 2012 in North America and May 14, 2012 in Europe, and the PlayStation Vita version is set for release in fall 2012.
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Being developed by Capcom, the core gameplay is similar to that of the Street Fighter series, incorporating elements such as Super Combos, as well as EX Attacks from Street Fighter IV. Players each choose two fighters from the Street Fighter and Tekken series, both sets of characters are controlled using the Street Fighter 6-button system, however, it has been revealed that the Tekken characters will be able to perform Tekken style combos using the primary four buttons in a similar fashion to the Tekken 4-button system. These fighters can be switched out normally, or during certain combos. As fights go on, players build up power in a three sectioned meter at the bottom of the screen referred to as the "Cross Gauge", which allow the player to perform various techniques depending on how much of the gauge is filled, such as EX Attacks, Cancels, Super Arts and various Cross techniques detailed below. As opposed to the other crossover fighting games released by Capcom, in which the player must eliminate all the opponent's fighters to win, victory conditions are more similar to Tekken Tag Tournament, in which the first player to have one of their fighters' health bars reduced to zero loses the round, thereby the player who wins the most rounds wins the match.

The tag team element of the game is heavily emphasized, with players being able to switch between the two characters in their team in a variety of manners. Switch Cancel allows players to switch partners in the middle of a combo, whilst Cross Rush combos involve launching the opponent into the air before swapping partners and continuing the combo. Cross Arts, which require a full Cross Gauge, allows players to chain together each character's Super Combo in one straight attack, whilst the Cross Assault mechanic allows players to simultaneously control both characters in their team until the Cross Gauge runs out.

Street Fighter X Tekken features two new game mechanics: the Gem System and Pandora Mode. Players equip up to three gems to their characters, which provide different stat boosts depending on the type of gem. Six varieties of gems exist: attack, defense, speed, vitality, assist, and Cross Gauge. Each gem and its effects are designated by a specific color, and will activate as the players fulfill certain conditions during battle. When a character on a player's team has less than 25% health remaining, that character can be sacrificed in order to activate Pandora Mode, which gives the remaining fighter increased strength and an infinite Cross Gauge. However, this state has a time limit and the player will automatically lose if he/she cannot defeat the opponent before the Pandora state runs out.

The game will feature various online options. Two players can battle on the same team, one controlling each character, and face off in four player matches. Scramble mode allows four players to fight simultaneously in pairs of two. The game will also support online training modes which can be played competitively or cooperatively with two players, as well as support the Fight Request feature.

Other Capcom games will be referenced in the game, such as Dino Crisis, which has a stage based around one of its levels.

The center of the conflict between the Street Fighter and Tekken universes is a cubical object that crash-lands in Antartica. The object is of a mysterious origin and researchers worldwide are unable to determine what purpose it serves. The only thing that can be understood is that when beings come into conflict around this object, it releases a water-like energy that brings more power to the combatants. Due to the object's tendency to react to conflict between beings, they name it "Pandora". Whilst a standard story is given to most combinations of fighters, specific teams, such as Ryu & Ken or Kazuya & Nina, receive their own unique story elements and rival battles.

The following characters are available as playable characters in the game. The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions feature 5 exclusive playable characters, including Cole MacGrath from Sucker Punch's Infamous series; Sony mascots Toro and his rival Kuro, who dress up as Ryu and Kazuya respectively; Pac-Man, who pilots a Mokujin-style mech; and Mega Man, who takes his appearance from the North American box art for the first game. Both Mega Man and Pac-Man became available as free downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 version on the 13th of March. Street Fighter's Dan, seen in the initial Street Fighter X Tekken reveal trailer, makes a non-playable appearance as the instructor in the game's tutorial mode.Ono stated that there is no exclusive character for the Xbox 360 version, claiming "We do have the exclusive characters for the Sony platform. We have Cole, the two Sony cats, Kuro and Toro. But basically for the Xbox 360, we were in discussions with them (Microsoft) for which character to put in as an exclusive, but we weren't able to decide on a character because of differences in timing and things like that." It was announced on February 21, 2012 that game will be released for the PS Vita in the fall and will include 12 additional fighters, 6 from each side. It was later confirmed that these 12 characters would be also released as DLC for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC shortly after the Vita's launch. All together, the Sony versions will have 55 playable characters available, giving Street Fighter x Tekken the biggest roster in a Capcom Fighting game (Vs. or not) since Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, which had 56 characters in all.

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The Sims 3: Showtime. Info, trailer, gameplay, buy game.

The Sims 3: Showtime is the sixth expansion pack for The Sims 3 on Mac and PC. It was released on March 6, 2012. A limited collector's edition includes exclusive in-game content such as stages and costumes along with a poster based on American pop singer Katy Perry.
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SimPort allows players to send Star performers on tour to perform special shows in their friends' towns (only if you have internet and friends). They can also invite your friends to send their Sims to perform for you and customize the stage in venues with special themed backgrounds, props, lights and special effects. Players can throw objects at performers - ranging from flowers to lettuce. Choosing not to use SimPort will not change gameplay with any interactions that do not require SimPort. A player can unlock backgrounds, props, and costumes for their Sim if they choose to use SimPort. Sims who visit a player's town via SimPort will default to the traits, clothes, and objects that they have locally in their game. Players can message other players while their Sims are performing in other towns. Note, there are 3 versions. The normal, limited, and Katy Perry version do not have much difference other than special venues, stages and clothing. 

Starlight Shores
Starlight Shores is a new world that is included in Showtime. The town is inspired by Hollywood, and it has multiple venues/stadiums in which your sims can perform, (depending on how high you are in your performing career.)

Rise to Stardom—Venture into a new world and live the dream as a singer, acrobat, magician, or DJ. Watch your Sims rise to fame—or go down in flames as they perform for other Sims.

New Objects
The expansion pack includes pool tables, karaoke machines, DJ booths, new guitars, batons, microphones, spotlights, speaker systems, pull up bars, jukeboxes, an electro-dance sphere, golf-game, domino, skeeball game, photo booth, a golf driving range, portable MP3 players and new lighting. As with all previous expansion packs, Showtime includes new clothing and hairstyles.

Limited Collector's edition
A special Katy Perry edition entitled The Sims 3 Showtime: Katy Perry Collector's Edition will include Katy Perry themed objects, hair styles, and venue based on her concept for her album Teenage Dream. The Collector’s Edition includes a downloadable venue, plus a Katy Perry themed hairstyle, guitar, fruit-themed stage props, an exclusive poster, and fruit costumes. Fruit-themed stage props include a banana and watermelon statue. The box art falsely suggests that a Katy Perry sim comes with the game, she is only available via additional free download from EA's official site.[citation needed]

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Battlefield 3. Info, trailer, gameplay, wallpapers,download.

Battlefield 3 (commonly abbreviated BF3) is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. It is a direct sequel to 2005's Battlefield 2, and the eleventh installment in the Battlefield franchise.

The game was released in North America on October 25, 2011 and in Europe on October 28, 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. EA Mobile also confirmed a port for the iOS platform. The game sold 5 million copies in its first week of release[5], and received critical acclaim from most game reviewers. It does not support versions of Windows prior to Windows Vista as the game only supports DirectX 10 and 11. The PC version is exclusive to EA's Origin platform, through which PC users also authenticate when connecting to the game.

In campaign mode, players take on the personas of several military roles; a USMC recon Marine, an F-18 systems officer, an M1A2 Abrams tank operator, and a SPETSNAZ operative. The campaign takes place at various locations, from Iran to New York, and follows the story of Sergeant Blackburn and later, Dimitri Mayakovsky.
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Battlefield 3 features the combined arms battles that made the series popular across single-player, co-operative and multiplayer modes. It reintroduces several elements absent from the Bad Company games, including fighter jets, the prone position and 64-player battles on PC.To accommodate the lower player count on consoles, the ground area is limited for Xbox 360 and PS3, though fly space remains the same.

During an interview with Game Informer, EA stated that Commander Mode is unlikely to be included, which was met with some criticism on the EA forum.

The game features maps set in Paris, Tehran (as well as other locations in Iran), Sulaymaniyah, New York, Kuwait, Wake Island, Oman and the Persian Gulf. The maps cover urban streets, metropolitan downtown areas, and open landscapes suited to vehicle combat.

Battlefield 3 introduces the "Battlelog"; a free cross-platform social service with built-in text messaging, voice communications, game statistics, and the ability to join games that friends are already playing (though both players need to be on the same platform). 

The game's campaign takes place in the year 2014. The initial sections of the campaign are set near the Iraq-Iran border, where the US Marine Corps are fighting the People's Liberation and Resistance (PLR).  The game later moves into northern Iran, continuing the fight against the PLR. There is a mission set in the streets of Paris, and another set in the sewers and subways of New York.

A demo featuring the new co-op mode was featured at Gamescom 2011. DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson confirmed that a split screen option will not be available in co-op mode. Battlefield 3's new Battlelog social network, DICE noted, would be tied to all co-op matches, allowing players to try to beat friends' scores and to track their performance.

Battlefield 3's multiplayer matches see players take on one of four roles: Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon. The Assault class focuses on assault rifles and healing teammates. The Support class focuses on LMGs and supplying ammunition. The Engineer class focuses on supporting and destroying vehicles. The Recon class focuses on sniping and spotting enemies. The mechanics of the weapons have been changed to utilize the new engine: compatible weapons may have bipods attached which can then be deployed when in the prone position or near suitable scenery, and provide a significant boost to accuracy and recoil reduction. Suppressive fire from weapons blurs the vision and reduces the accuracy of those under fire, as well as health regeneration.  The Recon class can put a radio beacon anywhere on the map and all squad members will be able to spawn on the location of the beacon.

Several game modes are present, including Conquest, Rush, Squad Deathmatch, Squad Rush and for the first time since Battlefield 1942, Team Deathmatch.

The PC version of Battlefield 3 does not feature a main menu; instead the game is launched via a web browser from the Battlelog web site. A server browser is present in console versions of the game, however.

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Trailer, info, wallpapers.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is an upcoming first-person shooter video game being developed by Danger Close Games and set to be published by Electronic Arts. Warfighter is a direct sequel to 2010's series reboot Medal of Honor (2010) and the 14th Medal of Honor installment in the series. The title was officially announced on February 23, 2012, and it will be released in October 2012, but you can pre-order it now here

The game will run on DICE's Frostbite 2 (the same engine that Battlefield 3 uses). Both single-player and multiplayer are going to use the latest version of Frostbite 2. It only supports Windows Vista/7 and DirectX 10/10.1/11.

The single-player mode will continue to follow the story of Tier 1 operators. It probably will take place after 2002. The single-player will feature Afghanistan, and it is based on real stories of Tier 1 operators.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter's multiplayer will not be developed by EA Digital Illusions CE who helped develop Medal of Honor (2010)'s multiplayer. Danger Close Games will develop its own multiplayer with DICE's Frostbite 2 engine, which in the previous game was not the case.

There will be a co-op mode, that is separate from the single-player mode.

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